AIRLEADER best practice hint

Automatic pressure increase in the event of sporadically high demand

Who doesn't know that:

Everything is optimally set in the compressed air station - but events occur from time to time (silo unloading, sporadic sandblasting work, special machines, etc.) which cause the pressure to collapse due to the sudden extraction of compressed air in the network! So, to be on the safe side, the pressure is raised unnecessarily again - with a corresponding waste of energy! This can often be prevented by a trick ...


Only run a second pressure profile for a short time with a correspondingly higher pressure.


On the AIRLEADER MASTER module, 3 additional pressure profiles can be preset in addition to the standard pressure profile. These can be selected and deselected directly via 3 associated contacts on the MASTER module.


The sandblaster, as an example, activates this contact shortly before the start of the blasting (possibly parallel to the light switch). Pmin and Pmax of the 2nd pressure band become active, whereupon the compressors start and the operating pressure is increased slightly. This anticipates the start-up phase of the compressors and the pressure no longer collapses as quickly.

When the temporary work is over, the pressure is reset to normal pressure by deactivating the contact

special case

Due to high pressure losses in pipework, there is a high demand for local pressure sinks in places. Changing the piping is not possible for on-site reasons.


Installation of a pressure switch with switching hysteresis for switching to pressure profile 2 and switching back.


The 3 additional presettable pressure profiles can also be activated via the standard weekly timer - e.g. B. for night reduction.


Contact has priority over timer.

that too

In the same way, 3 additional rankings can be preset and activated by contact or timer.