Inhouse Training

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Learning by doing

The content is specially tailored to the level of knowledge and Airleader level of you and your colleagues and is trained directly on "your" Airleader. Any knowledge gained can be implemented immediately under our supervision and the optimizations are immediately visible live.

At or before the start, we put together the questions and requests that the participants have on the topic of Airleader. Then these are processed in a meaningful order in the form of a workshop, or practiced and explained using demo devices that we bring with us.

It should be possible to inspect the compressed air system on site.

It is important that the visualization is online and accessible via a projector in the training room.

  • Duration:              1 day (for shift staff also possible over several days) by arrangement
  • Time:                     8:30 a.m. to approx. 4:00 p.m.
  • Prerequisite:        Sufficiently large training room with beamer, flipchart and Airleader access
  • Participants:         Maximum 8 people per appointment!
  • Trainer:                 Norman Kloss, Andreas Max, WF Steuerungstechnik
  • Including training documents
  • Participant certificates

AGENDA morning (suggestion)

Where and how does Airleader save energy
splitting or FU/VSD (coordination of compressor size to the control, settings)
Design frequency converter control parameters (exercises)
Understand the AIRLEADER hardware
Sensible configuration (pressure range, ranking and switching times of compressors)
Bearing monitoring and current / power measurement
Programming (exercise with demo devices)


AGENDA afternoon

Visualization - if possible using the example on site (online access via projector required!)
How do I change control parameters?
How do I recognize irregularities?
What does "my" compressed air cost?
How efficient is my compressed air generation?
Is the compressed air quality suitable?
Do the compressors have a problem?
Does the heat recovery work?
How do I get the energy data?
How does the Airleader communicate with EMS energy management systems?

Questions and discussion

The agenda determines customers with Airleader speakers.