Differential pressure monitoring in compressed air systems

ΔP-minimization through timely element change saves energy and filter costs



Filters ...

  • are only expensive resistances from an energetic point of view
  • should be avoided if possible - only as much as necessary-
  • differential pressure on the central filter is to be monitored

Differential pressure monitoring on filters with Airleader



                                                    filter dimension:   2 “ - Filter             (DN 50)
Too much pressure loss Δp on the filter:   0.25 bar               (0.35 instead of 0.10 bar)
                                Flow rate through the filter:   4 million m³/a     (≈ 75 kW compressor, 6,000 operating hours/a)

Additional energy consumption of the compressor (manufacturer data sheet):


=> 5 kW additional consumption per bar higher compression
     = 5 kW x 0.25 x 5,437 Lh x 0.2 €/kWh
     = € 1,360.- every year

More - Energy costs per year: € 1,360 due to too much pressure loss!

Filter element costs for 2" filters: € 200


Excessive differential pressure is recognized by airleader and reported automatically




  • airleader MASTER Modul
  • Free analog input on the MASTER module or on the RS485 connection module

  • Differential pressure transmitter Order no.: DP-1025(< € 500/piece)





                                                                                                                   Installation example: filter differential pressure sensor on MASTER module