Measuring and Simulation System (MSS)

NEW evaluation service

  • Simple (up to 2 compressors + 1 analog sensor) 1 week/box:               349, - EUR
  • Standard (from 3 compressors and 1 analog sensor) 1 week/box:       498, - EUR
  • Customer-specific:                                                                                 according to arrangement

AIRLEADER analog measuring case and long-term stable measuring equipment

Detecting potential energy savings has never been so easy: no programming on site, no screwdriver, no complicated evaluation.
Up to 16 compressors can easily be measured simultaneously using ampere clamps. 16 more values like pressure, dew point, flow, temperature and so on can also be recorded to the second with a storage capacity of several months.
The evaluation is done practically at the click of a mouse and is available in attractive curve or table form for (also selective) printout or as a PDF. An EXCEL export function increases the universality of the AIRLEADER measurement case.

Analog measurement

The AIRLEADER analog measurement case measures the state of the compressor using ampere clamps. Compared to previous digital methods, which evaluate the status of the compressor load relay, the compressor status can be determined precisely in terms of time by measuring the instantaneous value of the current.

Measure more precisely

In contrast to idealized digital calculation models, the following compressor states are therefore not assessed as a load:

  • Star-delta phase when starting the compressor
  • internal compressor pressure build-up

This means that the measurement result does not show that the air consumption is too high, as is the case with the digital method, which is still often used by compressor manufacturers. There, an electrician has to pick up the load signal for a measurement at the load relay, which is quite laborious.

unload waste

The idle phase is also measured precisely in terms of time and performance, because there is great savings potential here. Since the power does not decrease digitally during the transition from load to idling, but rather in the form of an exponential function, the idling component is not determined too low, unlike in idealized calculations.

As a result, the analog measurement method prevents the idle portion from being undervalued at the expense of an excessive load portion with an excessively high consumption calculation.

load cycles

Every engine start and every load change increases wear in bearings, intake regulators, gears, belts or clutches and check valves. And every load change from load to idle leads to air losses through internal relief in the compressor. Knowing this number of load cycles is therefore an important criterion for assessing the compressor system.

Air consumption

Thanks to the exact knowledge of the load phases - even with systems that are regulated by speed - the compressed air consumption curve of the company can be determined very precisely without interfering with the compressed air line.


Another effect is the precise determination of the station's energy consumption without having to rely on manufacturer information or tabular values.

The individual outputs and the total power consumption of all compressors are calculated from the ampere curves recorded by the compressors.

In relation to the calculated compressed air consumption, the compressed air index (= specific power) is immediately available to the generating station. Either as kWh / m³ or kW / (m³ / min) or as € / m³.

Compressed air costs

As a by-product, after entering the electricity price, the compressed air costs are also available. An extrapolation determines the compressed air consumption and the compressed air costs per year.

Pressure, flow, temperature, humidity, electricity, energy, etc.

All sensors are available from stock ready for connection and can be used “plug and play”. 12 channels can be measured in parallel and recorded every second on an SD card. And this continuously for up to a year, if necessary.

PC software

The supplied PC evaluation software is an easy-to-use tool that has most of the settings already preset. A wide range of evaluation options, which are clearly prepared, can be printed out or created as a PDF file. Evaluation examples can be found here.

NEW evaluation service

If you don't have time to carry out your measurement case analysis yourself and there is a pressing need again, then use our analysis service:

You email us your files (* .mes, channel allocation list) and we will e-mail the evaluation back to you as a PDF without comment.

You will also receive 2 color printouts in A4 format (practically stapled like a school exercise book), one for your filing and one for your customer.


  • Simple (up to 2 compressors + 1 analog sensor) 1 week:                249, - EUR
  • Standard (from 3 compressors and 1 analog sensor) 1 week:       398, - EUR
  • Customer-specific                                                                                  according to arrangement

Scope of delivery:

  • Evaluation as PDF file
  • 2 x color hard copies in A4 exercise book form