Alarm + service management

If a compressor or additional device has a fault, this message is included in the monthly alarm + service report and appears on the screen as an alarm warning. The clear monthly report in tabular form helps:

Fault notification

via e-mail, fax or SMS Compressor faults always lead to a collective fault message, which is output via a switching contact directly on the MASTER II and CN control unit. The same happens with connected accessory faults with a separate collective fault contact. In this way, two alarm paths of different importance can be set up and connected to existing alarm distributors (ZLT, telephone system, etc.).

With the "Alarm + Service Management" option, email, fax and / or SMS notifications can also be sent directly from the web - Generate visualization that are also activated by connected sensors in the event of maintenance messages and limit values being exceeded. This enables even more reliable operation of the compressed air generation.

Here you will find 2 stations with real customer data, where you can navigate through the complete visualization:


 Demo:                            Plant with VSD compressor                          Plant without VSD compressor