predictive maintenance

becomes easier

The operating hours of each compressor are counted separately according to total and load hours and displayed in the service mask.

After programming (or RESET after maintenance), the times entered count down to 0. If a time has expired, a maintenance message is displayed and registered in the monthly ALARM and SERVICE REPORT.

With the option "Alarm + Service Management" you will be notified automatically by e-mail, SMS or fax. The time counts into the minus and turns red. A service warning also appears on the screen. The interval time can be individually reset to the previously set interval using the "R" buttons (reset button).

Up to 4 service positions with different service intervals can be defined for each compressor (e.g. filter mats 500h, intake filter 1,000h, oil and oil filter 2,000h, oil separator 4,000h).

Here you will find 2 stations with real customer data, where you can navigate through the complete visualization:


 Demo:                            Plant with VSD compressor                          Plant without VSD compressor