Compressed air audit with optimization recommendations

The roadmap for efficient compressed air generation

A measurement is always carried out at the beginning of the compressed air audit!

Additional evaluations and results during the audit:

  • Determination of all existing energy-saving potentials
  • Description of anomalies during the analysis
  • Saving guaranteed value in kWh / a by means of simulation of a real Airleader control
  • R & I diagram Compressed air generation ACTUAL until the start of the network
  • optimization schedule (compressor constellation, processing , ...) manufacturer-independent!
  • Vessel dimension recalculation
  • R & I scheme Compressed air generation SHOULD be up to entry Netz
  • Very detailed compressed air energy audit report with meaningful curves in high resolution (10 sec.), derivations and calculation methods in printed and bound form as well as in PDF format.


  • Saving potential identified
  • Saving potential quantified
  • Necessary measures documented - manufacturer-neutral
  • Return On Invest easy to determine
  • Action plan - roadmap for efficient compressed air generation